Yoga For Runners

Yoga and running is the perfect combination to help you to run your next race faster, with a healthier body and mind.

Whether you run a 6-minute mile or a 26-minute mile, you want to be faster with a healthier body. Yoga can help you achieve that goal.

A USATF-certified running coach will guide you through a pre-run warm-up, in-race mindfulness techniques, and post-run yoga poses that will help you achieve the flexibility and strength you need.

Each class has a different focus, including form, flexibility, strength and breathing. Come to one or come to them all. While this is the best run-yoga workshop in Los Angeles, the ultimate goal is for you - the student - to take new knowledge away with you to be a better runner for the rest of your life.

No yoga or running experience is required to take part in these customized workshops. All you need is the desire to be a better version of yourself.

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