Supporting KPCC's Independent Journalism

In a previous life, I was a journalist. More specifically, I was a music journalist specializing in heavy metal, which might explain why Black Metal Brewery Yoga has popped up in your feeds, but that’s by the by.

Ultimately, I believe in journalism as the basis for democracy. Reporters, with their reputation of being intrepid and borderline annoying in their quest for the truth, help to keep politicians, with their reputation of corruption and self-serving-deal-making in check. The result will be a better world for you and I to inhabit and that’s a goal that everybody on this planet shares. That’s why it’s important to me to support quality, independent, fact-led journalism.

Through Downward Grog, I am privileged enough to have a way of doing that. I have donated a full year of Downward Grog classes to KPCC’s Spring Online Auction. It has a $1200 value and the starting bid is just $250. You can join us for every single class. Saturday and Sunday and whatever other days we expand to in the future. Come hang out in Boyle Heights, Torrance, Burbank, or Valencia. Come hang out in all of them. Come have a beer with us after. Let's be friends!

By the time the auction closes and the winning bidder gets in touch, half of 2018 will already be gone, but the offer is valid for a full 12 months from the first class you join.

Even if you’re not interested in bidding on a year of brewery yoga with us, there are over 400 other items up for auction and every extra dollar that KPCC raised through this auction will go towards a more robust system to support their journalists with.

Check out the auction at this link and give it share. Let's see how much good we can do.

Thanks for reading,